About Us

Our Vision

The LIVEBIG Project is the movement of ambitious humans who make the world better with their endeavors. We are the hungry ones. We are the driven ones. We are builders, makers and creators committed to improving our craft and the world we live in, exploring what it means to be alive. People like you are solving the world's problems with inspiring ideas, living world-class lifestyles, growing world-class businesses, and making a world-class impact.

Welcome to The LIVEBIG Project

Who we are

The LIVEBIG executive team established its roots in Lake Tahoe, California transforming existing, struggling ventures into thriving enterprises that exemplify the potential of a lifestyle business.  Proprietary strategic assessments support multichannel business solutions, highlighting each team member's executive strengths and building relationships across multiple industries. The strength and breadth of these relationships across the agency ensures LIVEBIG Consulting can act as an autonomous extension of existing teams, or replace internal operations and management organizations entirely.

What we do

LIVEBIG Consulting is an integrated consulting corps specializing in tactical growth for businesses through targeted assessment, optimization, and engagement. With a distinctive approach to strategy and development, the LIVEBIG team architects intimate relationships with notables and principals and an in-house team of elite change-makers for a contemporary and bold approach. The firm leverages an audacious, hands-on strategy for enhanced traction in business, effectively and efficiently evaluating, supporting and promoting the ventures they serve – directly to the appropriate target markets. To identify target goals, LIVEBIG and the client determine objectives, assess internal and external strategic variables, and cultivate relationship equity with leaders in the industry.


As an agency, we act as an autonomous, impactful extension of our clients, providing a frugal alternative to internal logistics, analysis, and marketing teams of comparable function. Our success is diametrically measured and rewarded with the success of our client. As a stealth extension of a client company or precision internal task force, we reinforce existing initiatives, determine the path to long-term success, and spearhead the next opportunity. A holistic approach to planning, launch and development is at the core of our overall business strategy.  The team dedicates itself to each client relationship to achieve optimal strategies in their promotion, while supporting precise and efficient execution of objectives. We maintain that a dynamic, impactful, multi-channel approach is imperative to achieve a successful launch and ultimately, a long term growth strategy.


LIVEBIG Consulting and its associates identify, evaluate, develop, support, market, and facilitate the goals of extraordinary businesses and their offerings.


Through our exclusive professional network, utilizing our proprietary three-tier system for business optimization and growth, the The LIVEBIG Team introduces compelling opportunities, directly to our clients. The firm leverages its broad relationship base, team member skill-sets and tenacious company ethos to penetrate the market for its clients. Strategic in its selection of client partnerships, varied in its market approach, unwavering in its commitments to clients, LIVEBIG Consulting exists as a holistic, integrated, vigorous and bold precision business solution.

Meet the founder

Meet Steven Norrell – business strategist and trailblazing entrepreneur.  At only twenty-nine years old, Steven has acted as a consulting agent for dozens of businesses and established multiple small businesses of his own.  His trademark is an extraordinary ability to turn big ideas into real results. Norrell's clients boast impressive gains and aggressive business growth from efficiency optimization under his management.  His diverse specialties range from the outdoor recreation industry, to fitness, design, and construction, applied to both service & retail operations.  Steven's coaching, management and sales training, development campaigns and strategic partnerships drive brand awareness and engagement, positioning his clients to succeed in symbiosis with their mission. 


An uncompromising approach to campaign deployment has earned him recognition in the entrepreneurship arena as a leader to his clients and associates, making big ideas happen. From operating as a landscape & ecology entrepreneur throughout university and building a diversified professional network to innovate and explore new ground, Steven has demonstrated exceptional aptitude in his capacity to turn what can be imagined into reality.

At 19, Steven applied his experience to his ground-breaking venture – Victory Gardens Ecological– exemplifying a fluency in sustainable business strategy and steadfastness in pursuit of a long term vision.  Without capital backing or a sales team, the venture grew to disrupt the local food industry in the first year, build food systems in local communities and deliver cutting-edge ecological services with industry leaders.  The success became a model in the ecological arena and Steven has selflessly helped other ventures apply the model. His proven capacity for success is demonstrated in this positive impact at the societal level, establishing a framework for achievement that he applies with his team, reaching extraordinary goals through diversified tactical applications.

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